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The best thing about writing about something as lofty as ‘a concept’ is you do not have to worry yourself about any pesky research or facts.

In the about section on the website I talk about a concept that by simple self-massage we can all enjoy being active. But what do I mean by that? What is self-massage? How simple is it? What do I even mean by ‘concept’?

Let me try and work through these.

What do I mean about being active? In my mind being active improves your health, physically and mentally, cuts down on health issues, helps you think better and cope with stressors in life. It helps you feel better about yourself, helps make your interactions with people in your life better and helps you feel better about your current life situation.

My advice would be to start from where you are. If you’re not doing the equivalent of a 5-minute walk every day, start with that and then from there keep increasing your activity until you get up to an hour a week. From there the hope is that you will see and feel the benefits of being active and this will boost your motivation.

Self-massage, mobility flow, trigger-pointing release, call it what you want. We all need to stop and take a few minutes to be nicer to ourselves. Self-massage is a great way of doing this. You’ll be able to treat those aches and pains, be more active and feel better about yourself. If you are already pretty active and not doing some sort of regular self-massage, you’re probably limiting yourself.

One of the big benefits is body awareness. You’ll not only learn the parts of your body that are sore or do carry tension and you’ll be able to release the soreness and tension in these areas, but you’ll also be able to adjust your activity to reduce the build-up of tension and soreness in those places. This way you are reducing pain, and lessening the need for self-massage.

How simple is this? It takes work. The exercises are simple, no doubt. But like most things we have to have the discipline to keep doing them. At times I personally have trouble doing them consistently. But like eating better, drinking less alcohol and exercising, you’ll quickly notice the difference between doing self-massage and not doing it. You’ll skip a few days and you’ll wake up and feel the difference in your body. Then you get back on it and know you feel better.

What do I mean about ‘concept’? I am the one selling these products and I am making a small profit doing so, but I use these items everyday to improve my ability2move, to be nicer to myself, to be more active. And yes I too know all too well how tight and terrible I feel when I don’t do my self-massage for a few days.

The concept is: You can do this. The concept is that you do not need to rely on other people to be nicer to yourself, to be more active and feel better.

The concept is being nicer to ourselves; it’s about trial and error to find out what works for us as individuals. It about learning something about our bodies and how they move and being more in control of how we feel.

Insert inspiring end sentence here! – m2a


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