move2ability is based on the concept that by doing some very simple self-massage muscle release we can better enjoy being active. We all have muscle tension and restrictions – aches and pains. These might be due to postural imbalances, injury or ageing. Sometimes you will need to seek treatment from a physio or someone similar and when that is required it is so important to do so early. However if you are just experiencing discomfort or restrictions you can treat these by applying self-massage on a regular basis. This will assist you to keep these aches and pains to a minimum and will maintain good postural balance today and into the future.

The items that we sell at move2ability are simple in appearance and method of use. I am not a personal trainer or qualified in any form of remedial therapy.

I am, however, someone who needs to use these items on a daily basis to maintain good postural balance and manage aches and pains. In my case it’s a combination of having accumulated bad postural habits over many years: sitting at a desk for long periods of time, and doing regular exercises but without understanding the importance of self-massage muscle release techniques.

I am also someone who knows that it sucks to feel like you cannot do what you want to do because of aches and pains. And I am someone who does benefit from using these items and also notices that bad posture and muscle tension and restrictions creep back when I am not applying the self-massage techniques that I know benefit me.

This last point is vital. What works for me might not work for you or the next person. The 3 main items we sell at move2ability have multiple uses and some trial and error will be needed for you to figure out what works best for you. However, as mentioned before they are simple in method of use. They are also single purchase items. They do not wear out or break easily and they are very portable, so once you have them they will last a very long time. Short of losing them.

Please check out the product section and we hope you benefit from any purchase you make. If however you decide not to go ahead and purchase anything we hope you gain an understanding that there are self-massage techniques that you can apply to release muscle tension and restriction. By doing these we can all decrease our aches and pains and improve postural balance, with benefits increasingly as we age.


A bit on terminology: Up till now we have been using the terms ‘muscle release, tension, postural imbalance, aches and pains’. These are also referred to as trigger points or Myofacial release and are basically knots that develop in muscles caused by general exercise, overworking muscles and not getting any treatment. The items that we sell at move2ability are to treat these. So don’t get bogged down in terminology, if you have aches and pains these products will assist.

A bit on sales packages: Our experience is that most people will want more then one item so we offer set combination of items. The most popular is the Pocket physio and Spiky ball combo. You will see the combination sales packages on the website but if you don’t see what you want please contact us at info@move2ability.com and we’ll do our best to package up what you need

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