Active…Inactivity…‘Taking a fall’ and my ego!


I was a pretty active kid and teenager but then as I moved into adulthood it dropped off as other ‘activities’ took priority. Nothing new so far! Same old story, and chances are it’s your story too.

About 5 years ago, two things happened within a few months. The first was, I was chatting to a woman who was about 6 years younger than me. She said: “I ride to work, go for a run in my lunch break and then swim at night”. To which my response was: “I had to run across the car park at Barkley Square the other day and felt like I was going to have an attack … heart I assume. It wasn’t pretty.”

The second thing was, I took a fall. I stepped off my decking in my backyard, (one step!) rolled an ankle and went down like a bag of shit. Now, I do have a bad left ankle from a third grade ligament tear years ago and it ‘rolls’ every so often. Normally when this happens however it’s a slight roll and I’m able to ‘step out of it’ and I’m okay. Rarely do I end up on the ground.

This time however there was no ‘stepping out’ of it. I went down, not forward or backward, not gracefully to one side. I went straight down, and it hurt. I landed right on my arse, hard, and even though I was by myself I still looked around to make sure no one saw this. I picked myself up, in shock and pain from what had just happened, and thought to myself, “I just ‘took a fall’. Surely there is an age requirement to saying ‘I took a fall’ and it’s not 34 years old. I’m too young to be ‘taking a fall’”… how did I get here?

I had noticed, on more then one occasion, a personal training studio less than a 5-minute drive from my house (A quick shout-out to the good folk at Peachi Personal Training in Reservoir). A few days later I stopped and took down the number (yes they have a website but I had just taken a fall, and I’m old school). A few days late I rang the number and spoke to Kim, the owner, and she talked me through the basics of what they offer and we decided that I should go that night and see what I thought of the group classes.

Just before ending the call Kim asked: “What level of fitness do you think you have?”

“Zero, I don’t know, how does it work? Do you have zero?”

I knew this wasn’t true, but I was 34 and just taken a fall.

Fast forward to today…

I’m active people! I’m 39 years old and my nickname should be ‘next-life’ because I’m not getting drafted to any professional basketball league, joining the tennis circuit and the athleticism that has changed the game of golf is just not fair … but I’m active people.

Before starting group pt classes, I would drive past parks and see people doing a bunch of stupid-looking exercises and think, ‘what losers I’ll never do that’. Even today I hate the idea of doing something so structured, but for me it works and I really enjoy it when I’m there. So here I am, giving 40 years of age a nudge, but I’m the most active I’ve been in my adult life.

Insert inspiring end sentence here! – m2a


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