Foam Rollers

An oldie but a goodie…the foam roller. Mostly comes in blue or black and 3 different sizes. But size and colour aside, these things are a life changing item. Unlike to spiky ball and pocket physio they are not as portable but they are great for treating larger parts of the body in one go i.e. the thighs, the calf muscles, and if used correctly (see the free video) the back. As the name suggest they are made of foam, having said this they do come in different firmness levels. If you are needing to treat big areas of the body and get big results you can’t go wrong with these items…life changing!
See pictures below. The ‘rumble roller’ is the bad boy of foam rollers and I’d to be
perfectly honest (in my opinion) you would not start with one of these. Get a standard roller.
Comes in- 30cm, 45cm and 90cm Lengths

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